A Held Space


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Black Diamond  |  A Held Space

This third release from Chicago saxophonists Artie Black and Hunter Diamond finds them comfortably outside of their long standing quartet operating in an intimate duo structure. The two multi-instrumentalists use a unique variety of woodwinds and percussion, layering blocks of improvisation to form a collage of emotive melodies and textures.

LP/CD/digital formats will release on 11.06.20


Our improvising comes from the same space as the
thoughts and feelings that occur when making a collage,
or deciding on clothes to wear, or arranging furniture:

There are firm structural building points with which you
simply and instinctually juxtapose other elements until you
arrive at a point that feels, looks, or sounds “right.”

Of course there is no right or wrong in a literal sense, there is
instead only an awareness of the degrees of truth and adaptation.

All music was recorded during one five-hour session, and all music was improvised. In post production, we combined various sections of our improvisations. There was no overdubbing or looping, only stacking and enhancing of the raw recordings. When you hear multiple instruments come together, these are simply moments of our musical selves holding true over time.


Artie Black – tenor/alto saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet, bells, rainstick, and other small instruments

Hunter Diamond – tenor saxophone, clarinet, gongs, singing bowls, woodblocks, kalimba, and other small instruments

Recorded at Experimental Sound Studio on April 23rd, 2019
Recorded and mixed by Alex Inglizian
Mastering and additional mixing by Anthony Gravino

Album Artwork by Marine Tempels Black


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