Wake an Echo


  1. 01 The Lady Vanishes 0:46
  2. 02 In Every Lonely Chamber 0:46
  3. 03 Coriander 0:46
  4. 04 Over Under Other 0:46
  5. 05 My Favorite Stranger 0:46
  6. 06 Carefree 0:46
  7. 07 All the Riven 0:46


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For his follow-up to the acclaimed By A Little Light [2012], Matt Ulery, sets aside the sprawling grandeur of his large ensemble works without sacrificing the beauty inherent in his compositions, and reimagines his long-standing Loom Quintet on Wake An Echo (his second for Greenleaf Music). With Loom, Ulery expands his voice, continuing to draw on his varied experiences and influences while using well-seasoned personnel to not just perform but inhabit the music he creates.

“These specific instruments and personalities have opened up a new world of orchestration possibilities for me, and are essential to the interest and drama in this music,” Ulery notes, ”ultimately helping lead to an emotional connection between the players and the listeners.”

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × .5 in
Album Details

Released on July 16, 2013
© 2013 Greenleaf Music

Matt Ulery / double bass and compositions
Rob Clearfield / piano and accordion
Jon Deitemyer / drums
Geof Bradfield / bass clarinet
Marquis Hill / trumpet

compositions by Matt Ulery (Wollgathering Music, ASCAP)
recorded at Joy Ride Studio, Chicago
recorded & mixed by Anthony Gravino
mastered by Tyler McDiarmid
package design by Jim Tuerk


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