In the Ivory


  1. 01-01 Gave Proof 0:46
  2. 01-02 There's a Reason and a Thousand Ways 0:46
  3. 01-03 Mary Shelley 0:46
  4. 01-04 Write It On The Wall 0:46
  5. 01-05 Black Squirrel 0:46
  6. 01-06 The Farm 0:46
  7. 01-07 Innocent 0:46
  8. 02-01 Resilin 0:46
  9. 02-02 When Everything Is Just The Same 0:46
  10. 02-03 Longing 0:46
  11. 02-04 Visceral 0:46
  12. 02-05 Sweet Bitter 0:46
  13. 02-06 Seeker 0:46
  14. 02-07 Viscous 0:46


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Expanding upon the artistic and critical success of his 2012 double album By a Little Light, Chicago bassist-composer Matt Ulery returns with In the Ivory on Dave Douglas’ acclaimed independent label Greenleaf Music – eighty minutes of resplendent, lyrical, transportive, and impeccably performed chamber-jazz music. Inspired and motivated by the musical and personal relationships developed while recording and performing By a Little Light–Ulery’s most ambitious project to date – In the Ivory explores the idea of consciousness through patient, lyrical composition.

At a time when classical musicians perform in clubs almost as frequently as jazz musicians appear in concert halls, Ulery has forged a unique signature sound that combines a jazz core with luminous ensemble writing and song craft. Built around a band of select, unique voices, In the Ivory draws upon Ulery’s positive experience performing Light with this particular thirteen-piece aggregation.

Ulery’s sixth album as a leader blends jazz, American minimalism, Eastern European folk music (as a longtime writing member of Chicago band Eastern Blok), and romanticism into a constantly evolving emotional kaleidoscope.

Additional information

Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 5.5 × 5 × .5 in
Album Details

Released September 16, 2014
© 2014 Greenleaf Music

Matt Ulery / double bass and compositions
Rob Clearfield / piano
Jon Deitemyer / drums, percussion
Tim Munro / flutes
Michael Maccaferri / clarinets
Zach Brock / violin
Yvonne Lam / violin
Dominic Johnson / viola
Nicholas Photinos / cello
Lisa Kaplan / piano
Gregory Beyer / marimba, vibraphone
Grazyna Auguscik / voice
Sarah Marie Young / voice
Erik Hall / backing voice
Corbett Lunsford / backing voice

Anthony Gravino / recording and mix
Brian Schwab / mastering


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